Progress Report

25 May 2022 (133)


The First Two Weeks of Our


Summer Offensive!


May 12


Planning begins for the SUMMER OFFENSIVE.


May 19


What is the NSDAP/AO? book published with 22 languages.


May 22


The NSDAP/AO’s NS News Bulletin expands from FIVE languages to 23 languages.




from MONTHLY to WEEKLY publication.


In other words: from 60 issues per year to over 1000 issues per year!


Note: The Production Team created the first FOUR issues in just THREE days. This proves weekly production is indeed realistic.


May 24


The NSDAP/AO’s newest web-site is launched.  




The unprecedented simultaneous seizure of THREE Internet domain names in February took the NSDAP/AO’s primary web-site offline.


The U.S  registrar, whose parent company is located in Canada, claimed this was done “on orders from the German police.” [Note: All three web-sites are largely in the German-language. They include,, and another client of the web-host]


In other words: An American company followed orders from a foreign government! And denied free speech to fellow Americans!


An official ICANN complaint was filed. And a lawyer was hired.


Zensurfrei was founded in 2001 to provide web-hosting for political dissidents. At first, there were less than a dozen clients. Mostly in Germany. Within a few years the number had grown to around sixty. Today Zensurfrei hosts hundreds of web-sites around the world.


Zensurfrei’s web-sites and servers are under constant and massive attack!


In one month alone Zensurfrei fought off SEVEN “zero day events” (ZDE).


Some attacks come from professional hackers. One of them was so impressed by our defenses that he contacted us. It was nothing personal. He had been paid $26,000. (He failed. But kept the money anyway.)


Some attacks are state sponsored. And very sophisticated.


Only the most highly skilled IT professionals can successfully defend against this magnitude and sophistication of attack. (16+ hour work days are not uncommon!)


This is NOT cheap. Free speech is NOT free.


Zensurfrei’s IT Team devised and implemented a strategy to largely neutralize the effect of domain name loss. (Note: The legal battle to regain control of those domains also continues!)


Multiple nearly identical domains are registered with multiple registrars scattered around the world.

For example:,, and all point to the web-site. They are “incoming” domains. 


The primary web-site serves as a gateway to an entire network of interconnected sites. Sometimes referred to as “satellite” or “auxiliary” web-sites. [Zensurfrei developed this strategy nearly twenty years ago. Security and bandwidth cost were both factors.]


These alternative domains are prominently displayed on the web-site. So visitors know where to look. (Note: Even more domains are registered, but NOT revealed to the public. Until needed.)


There are also “outgoing” domains. Example:,, and These domains point to the next NSDAP/AO web-site


These web-sites are custom-built to be nearly impossible to hack.  


In other words: The blatant attack against free speech turned out to be a blessing in disguise.


The sneak attack has BACKFIRED.



Gerhard Lauck 


PS: Co-workers, activists, and donors are needed!