Our Philosophy is Simple


Any two people on this planet are going to agree on some things. And disagree on others.


If they concentrate on the things they disagree on, they will only fight and not get anything done.


But if they concentrate on the things they DO agree on, then they will get something done.


And make the world a better place.


Companies, organizations, even governments, are only a means to an end.


We want to make the world a better place.


Only people can accomplish this!


We seek people who will work with us to this end! 



An Inside Look at Our Operation


 We are an international consulting firm.


 Our firm’s co-workers fall into various categories:


  a) business associates,


 b) independent contractors, and


 c) volunteers from non-profit organizations.


*   *   *   *   *


First, let’s take a look at our business associates.


I have to be perfectly honest with you!


 One of our staff members can be a bit difficult to follow.


 His own wife complains, Sometimes even I cannot understand you!


When asked about his unusual “accent” (or speech impediment), this bi-lingual fellow replies: I butcher both languages. I’d mispronounce a mispronunciation, if this was possible.


Telling corny jokes is also an obsession with him.


Furthermore, he fancies himself to be some kind of Farmbelt Philosopher.


Just in case YOU get stuck dealing with this fellow, I apologize in advance!


Unfortunately, we cannot simply fire him. He has seniority.


 *   *   *   *   *


Now let’s take a look at our independent contractors.


The “technical guys” and the “business guys” often have some difficulty communicating. They think and speak differently. Not better or worse!


Likewise people from different industries. And different countries.


We overcome these complications, build teams, and get things done!


After all, we have a big advantage over other firms:


Decades of experience dealing with the “Farmbelt Philosopher.”


*   *   *   *   *


 Finally, let’s take a look at one of the volunteers.


We will use a fictional American named “Joe.”


Joe contacts the firm and says he wants to do volunteer work.


He receives a reply that includes the following:


First, he is asked about his skills, interests, and the kind of work he would like to do.


Second, he is offered his first assignment. (Of course, he is free to either accept or reject any assignment. If he accepts, he is requested to provide an estimated date of completion.)


Third, he is told a little about the firm’s security precautions.


When Joe’s first assignment is described, he is told this task is “easy, but boring.” He accepts.


Joe diligently performs his indeed “easy, but boring” task. It is now clear to him that this is indeed work, not fun and games. But Joe is a dedicated idealist. Not a hobbyist. So he doesn’t mind.


Joe looks at it this way. This grunt work has to be done by somebody. Besides, this gives the new guy a chance to prove he is a doer and not a talker.


Eventually Joe is offered another assignment. He accepts it. This assignment is neither as easy nor as boring as the first one. But it is not difficult. Joe tells himself: Okay! Now I have graduated from boot camp.


A year passes. Joe is very pleased. He has done and learned a lot during this time. He understands how his work fits in. His assignments are gradually becoming more interesting. He likes doing them!


 There are many people like Joe in the firm.


Of course, “Joe” is a fictional character. But his story is based on real people and real events!


 *   *   *   *   *


Okay, now that you know a little about us – warts and all (!) –  you can decide whether or not you want to take the next step: Contact us!



We Support the Fight for Free Speech!


Many non-violent political dissidents have been imprisoned in banana republics around the world for things like simply publishing a newspaper.


Our contribution to the fight for free speech has drawn the attention of many top level government officials.


These have included:


three German Ministers (Foreign, Interior and Justice)


the Office of the Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany,


the head of the German political police (Verfassungsschutz),


the head of the German Intelligence agency (Bundesnachrichtendienst),


 the Danish Supreme Court,


and the director of the American FBI.


Obviously, our firm hardly needs any additional references!



A Good Partnership


 There is an old saying:


A good marriage isn’t 50/50. It’s 90/90.


The same applies to any relationship.


This includes a business relationship.


But don’t worry!


We don’t plan on asking you for conjugal rights…



What is fair?


 I do not believe in being fair.


I believe in being MORE than fair.


This is why our initial consultation is FREE!


If your firm profits from this, that’s great. (If not, well, heck, it was free anyway.)


Our relationship with you and your firm is infinitely more important to us than making a quick buck!


Thanks to our extensive global contacts we are often able to work out a multiple-party barter deal. The resultant leverage can be quite substantial.


This is a win-win for everybody.


Let’s talk!



What is multiparty barter?


Imagine the following scenario:


A farmer gives some eggs to an accountant in exchange for doing his taxes. Then the accountant gives those eggs to a mechanic in exchange for repairing his automobile.


 Now imagine doing this with several firms scattered around the globe.


 That’s what we do!



What is your fee?


 Of course, our fee varies from case to case.


Sometimes we simply say this:


YOU figure out how much money your firm saved thanks to us. Then give us HALF. Does this sound fair to you?